Self braking descender - Petzl I'D

Buy the Petzl I'D Online The Petzl I'D is a Self braking descender with an auto locking function to allow hassle free stops to be made with the security of an anti error catch to reduce the risk of accidental incorrect installation of the device. The Petzl I'd has the following features:-

The I'd locks in an uncontrolled descent and will even lock if the handle is accidentally pulled too hard.

The benefits of the above features are increased safety and less time in use and preparation.

The Petzl I'd offers the same applications as the well known Petzl Stop. With the addition of the features listed above another advantage of the I'D is that when used for short ascents of a rope it far out performs the Stop. The rope runs much more smoothly when ascending with the I'D than with the Stop. Below are two tables outlining the shock loads and slippage results of the Petzl I'D under the following test conditions: 100kg mass with a factor 1 fall on a 2m length of rope the results will vary depending on the type of rope used.

D20S Petzl I'D 10 to 11mm

Rope Type Shock Load Slippage
10mm Dynamic 4.4kN 40cm
10mm Static 5.5kN 35cm
10.5mm Dynamic 6.6kN 0cm
10.5mm Static 7.8kN 20cm
11mm Static 9.1kN 15cm

D20L Petzl I'D 11.5 to 13mm

Rope Type Shock Load Slippage
11.5mm Static 4.7kN 65cm
12.5mm Static 8kN 15cm
13mm Static 8.7kN 10cm
Below are diagrams regarding the use and safety issues surrounding the Petzl I'D. We also offer an engraving service for this item for easy equipment identification for more information on engraving this product and others please click the link below. View other types of descender we sell For Inspection information please view the links to Petzl below Petzl I'D Checking Petzl ID inspection video