Rope Clamps

Petzl Shunt

Value for money useful rope clamp that can be used to backup various types of descent as well as other access applications.

Petzl Basic

A multi purpose rope clamp such as: ascending a rope; self belaying and in progress capture haulings.


Petzl Croll

Chest mountable rope clamp. It can be used in conjunction with the Ascension handled ascenders for easy ascension of a fixed rope. The croll is designed so that it lies flat against the user during operation for comfort in use.



The Ascension features an ergonomic handle for grip and insulation, trigger style cam with teeth and cleaning slot that work well even on ice or dirty ropes. The spring-loaded catch is designed to be used easily with one hand and so that it can be locked open to make it easy to take on and off the rope. The two holes at the base of the handle are to fit a lanyard and a foot loop. The hole at the top of the device is for connecting the device to the rope more securly with a karabina this allows self belaying and use in hauling systems. Available in right and left hand versions.


Petzl Rope Clamp inspection video