SKED 200 Specification
Product Description A rescue system that performs the functions of a stokes and basket type stretchers, yet is much more compact, light-weight, and versatile.
Size Rolled in cordura pack -- 9 inch diameter x 36 inch length, Laid out flat -- 3 feet x 8 feet
Weight 19 lbs. complete with accessories listed below.
Material Low density E-Z glide polyethylene plastic. ** Nylon webbing. ** Solid brass grommets. ** Steel buckles
Temperature Range Begins to melt 450 degrees F to 500 degrees F. ** Usability to - 120 degrees F without becoming brittle.
Horizontal Lift Slings Webbing tensile strength 10,000 lbs.
Vertical Lift Sling Rope tensile strength 5,800 lbs.
System Components SKED STRETCHER - BASIC RESCUE SYSTEM INCLUDES: ** SKED Stretcher; ** Cordura Back Pack/Towing Harness; ** Horizontal Lift Slings; ** Vertical Lift Sling (PMI E-Z Bend 3/8" rope); ** Tow Strap; ** Set of 4 removable webbing handles
Also Available Available with Flotation and the Oregon Spine Splint II (OSS) options Although the SKED system works very well for virtually all rescue situations, it excels in confined space, urban, military and industrial rescue.